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Born in the beautiful countryside of East Anglia, Steven enjoyed a tranquil and happy childhood, which turned out to be a sharp contrast to his adult years. Thrust into a demanding career in the industrial field in his twenties, Steven spent the majority of his time travelling to numerous continents whilst managing large extremely stressful projects. He soon realized that this overloaded schedule was taking a huge toll on him, both physically and mentally, and thus decided to seek out his "inner peace".

Whilst on a spiritual retreat, Steven met Will Pimlett, a musician and fellow flautist who encouraged him to pick up the flute for the first time. Initially, Steven began playing an Arabic flute, but soon became totally enraptured by the haunting sound of the Native American flute...and the addiction began!

Inspired by Mark Holland (Autumns Child) and Mark Church (Red Feather Rose Entertainment) Steven discovered his "inner peace" through the magic of the flute.

Steven produces music which truly speaks to the soul and banishes daily stress and burdens with its intertwining rhythm and soothing melodies. Steven describes his music as escapism to your inner self.


The Debut Album

Painted Faces

The Painted Faces album is about the masks that we as people wear each and everyday not only to strangers but our loved ones as well. It is not an album which is culturally biased but one which embraces many cultures and styles leading the listener through a variety of experiences.

It is hoped that the listener takes the opportunity to remove their mask whilst listening to the tones of the flutes.....

The majority of the album is played using Native American style flutes although there is a track using an Arabic flute and other instruments used as backing. All the instruments (apart from the guitar on Lilly Lightfoot) are played by Steven.

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The Follow Up Album

Dream Walking

In our dreams we experience a variety of visual and emotional vibrations. Dream Walking leads you through those experiences using a blend of rhythms, beats and flutes.

These dreams are only limited by your imagination and are coloured by your hopes and fears. Perhaps you connect with your ancestors, friends or create your own experiences.

The Panther is your companion on this journey; your protector and your friend. He waits for you to join him and together you can walk through your dreams.

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The Third Album

Standing Circles

Years ago, a great medicine man called Black Elk had a vision of the world which showed that all things when presented in the Spirit come together under the great tree of life. That the sacred hoop of his people was one of many hoops which made one circle. He recognised this as Holy.

Standing Circles pays tribute to this vision and recognises that all things are part of the Great Spirit and that coming together in peace should be the goal of all life.

Combining the sound of the Native American Style flute with drums, song and even some didgeridoo, Standing Circles leads you through various facets of culture and binds them together through the genre of music.

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